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Dairy Summer Lactation Pellet

Dairy Pellet

Patmore Feeds’ Summer Lactation Pellet is a highly palatable 6mm pellet formulated for lactating dairy cows grazing on medium quality pastures during the drier and hotter summer season in Western Australia.
This pellet is designed to meet nutrient requirements when forage quality or quantity is limiting production and has a balanced supply of minerals, trace elements and vitamins to help maintain the health and well-being of the cow. Feeding rates should be adjusted depending on body condition and production of the cow as well as quality and quantity of pasture and/or roughage available.

Nutrient & Level

Energy (Ruminant ME) 13.2 MJ ME/kg
Crude Protein 22%
Urea Added

Withholding Period: NIL
Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated silo that is free from pests and vermin. Best used within six months of manufacture.
Direction of Use: Please call Patmore Feeds Sales Staff for feeding directions.

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