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Sheep All Rounder

All Rounder Pellet

Patmore Feeds’ Sheep All Rounder is a highly palatable 9mm or 6mm pellet specifically designed and balanced to meet the complete nutritional requirements of sheep in Western Australian conditions including added Vitamin E and Selenium.
Available as a 9mm or 6mm pellet, Patmore Feeds’ Sheep All Rounder is ideal for supplementary feeding were the goal is to maintain the weight and condition for all classes of sheep. Weighty gains are also achievable with the All Rounder and it is also an ideal option to keep ewes progressing through pregnancy or preparing young rams.

Nutrient & Level

Energy (Ruminant ME) 11.0 MJ ME/kg
Crude Protein 13.0%
Urea Nil
Ionophore (eg Monensin, Lasalocid) Nil

Withholding Period: Nil
Storage: Store in a dry, cool place that is free from pests and vermin. Must be stored in a ventilated silo/shed. Best used within six months of manufacture.
Directions of Use: Please call Patmore Feeds Sales Staff for feeding directions...

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